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Chaffee County was established in 1879 and named for Jerome Chaffee, Colorado's first United States Senator and local investor. The history of Chaffee County and the surrounding area is a rich mix of many influences, particularly cultural and economic forces. The area was originally settled by the Ute Indians, for whom many of the local mountain peaks are named. Early in its history, the area experienced an influx of explorers, miners, railroad expansionists, farmers, and ranchers. The influence of each has dwindled over the years, but their mark in the history of the Salida and central Colorado area is evident throughout the valley.

Today, the region is known for its stunning beauty; the dozen or so 14,000-foot mountain peaks of the Rocky Mountains; the Arkansas River; and a host of other attributes that, all combined, have labeled this region as a must-see for tourists and a dream location for retirees.

The draft timeline was developed by Earle Kittleman of Salida.

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Cart full of antlers
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